Custom CNC Foamcutting
Currently under construction
My CNC foam cutting rig
Some projects that I've
designed and cut...
The rig will cut 38 inches wide, or
down to 2 inches wide
As shown in part above, I designed my CNC Foamcutter to be a very
versatile machine.  To the left you see it slicing 1 millimeter thick sheets.  To
the right you can see an application of such a thin sheet...once covered with
1/2 ounce glass cloth and Minwax Polycrylic, it makes a very tough and light
skin.  I have also had some luck with low-temp shrink coverings, but heat
application is very critical.
Sheets are reasonably can be seen below, I do use them in my own
modelling.  They have a fine "pebbly" surface that can be sanded smooth
with ease or left rough, yielding a stucco-like surface when painted.
I can cut sheets in any thickness and size range up to 36 X 48.  Standard
sheet sizes/prices will be available once I have had enough requests to
properly gauge the market.  Until such time,please email (top center of page)
for custom pricing.  Setup cost will be spread over the run, so price per sheet
will lower as count increases.
19 5/8 (500mm) span B-24
Liberator with four motors...See
more on the "Models" page
"'LectraDactyl", a CNC'd foam "park jet" Which will
be making its way to the "Models" page by summer.  
It is set up for parkflying with a pair of GWS 75mm
fans, but should be a blast with more power!
"Miss Bea Havin'", a foam trainer
designed to carry re-worked Milwaukee
Tools' Emoli Lithium Ion power packs.  
Currently working on "build instructions".
Depron (TM) 3-D plane for fun and
excitement.  Kit development on hold
due to "things beyond my control".
F-15 pusher-prop parkjet with a
couple "wrinkles".
A project yet to be completed.  This is the fuselage core for a
commuter plane...with CNC'd seating!  The pix to left and right
show a fuselage half that is 6 inches high and 6 1/2 inches wide.  
The seat pix below show a 2/3-scale set of seats that would fit a
fuselage 4 inches high...Yes...there IS a jetliner or some such
floating around in the back of my mind!
For those of you who "have an idea
for Valentine's Day"!