CNC Router
Click the pix for larger versions
Material locked in a jig on the router table ready for
final cutting pass...and the part removed
An interlocking box cut
from 1/8 inch plywood
Bear engraved into MDF,
tape measure for size
Fleur de lis "carved"
into foam
Small sign for
your garden
Sign for a friend's event...after finishing test
Short YouTube
showing machine
and its motions
Longer YouTube showing the cutting
of a variant of the interlocking box
Build a CNC Router, of course!  So, I did a bunch of research and bought a pile of material for a
good-sized machine.  That's where the project kinda' ran out of gas.
Fortunately, the girlfriend is mildly addicted to Craigslist and found a smaller one for sale in
"mechanicals only" condition.  I added the electronics that I'd already completed and we were off to the
races...sorta'!  The way this particular machine is built, it requires a very delicate and time-consuming
setup and tuning process.  After several repetitions of "disassemble/reassemble-tweak", much time has
passed...but the thing is now up and running well.
View the pix, and watch the YouTubes to get an idea of what this machine will do.  More will be added as
developments occur...I DO, after all, still have that pile of stuff to build the larger machine!!
Sometimes, though, I need a piece of light plywood cut to a computer-drawn shape for a motor mount
or landing gear mount.  What to do?!!  The answer in the past has been to save the file to a jump drive
and make an appointment with a guy I know who has a CNC LASER. All well and good...if one has the
time and the material is thin-ish.  What if I were to need something a little more substantial cut to shape,
perhaps even contoured to a compound curve for a vacuum-forming plug?
Having a CNC Foamcutter (elswhere on the site) has made me aware just how cool it is to draw
something and have a machine cut it out of foam for me.  No troublesome trips to Kinkos to get a print
made...just computer to machine to part in hand.