Jogger Blocks
    I've been in the print industry for some sixteen years now...worked in four different shops.  The lion's share of this
time has been on bindery machines, with  Trimming as a specialty.  I've had my share of repetitive motion troubles...a
lot of them as a result of the various hand jogger blocks that I've used.
    Finally I took the bull by the horns and developed the jogger you see below.  The handle's shape was tested and
refined with input from, and daily use by, four cutter operators, myself included, over a period of several months.  This
product is made in the USA, in my backyard shop.  A home-brew CNC router,  various powered, and hand tools are
used in its construction.  
See a brief YouTube video of the block in action
More to come in the way of purchase info...
Click the pix for larger versions