Miss Bea Havin'!...a trainer with "abilities"
This is not really a new plane, it's just a development of a trainer I built
a couple years back.  It's meant to carry a Milwaukee Tools-based
"Emoli" four-cell Lithium-Ion battery pack.  With this incarnation, I went
for a "Golden Age" look with rounded wingtips and tail feathers.     
Span is about 53 inches and all-up weight is just over 2 1/2 pounds.  
The goofy-looking five-blade prop is from my "
Funky Props" page and
makes just over two pounds thrust on 250 Watts pushed through my
home-brewed "LRK"-wound brushless motor.
Once "wrung out", I'm expecting a fair-to-mid aerobatic plane that's
still docile enough to call a trainer...especially if the
FMA Direct
Co-Pilot "flight stabilization" system is used!  (it's protected the plane
from my fumbling thumbs a few times!)
CNC-cut from pink foam,
assembly is by tab and slot.
A bit of motor testing...
A unique hinging solution that came from my
design table. Two concentric carbon tubes with
Delrin bearings...slop-free and it also acts as a spar
of sorts.
The bottom of the rudder hinge
doubles as a thrust bearing for the
Three video clips of the maiden.  The first is of a rocket launch and me finally figuring out why the
auto pilot wasn't working. {sigh!}  Hand launch and landing clips are pretty much run of the mill...I
would've editorialized (without cussin'!) a bit more if I'd known that there was a movie cam running.
Some rocket hi jinks
and other silliness
21MB video clip
Maiden Launch and flight
19MB video clip
Maiden Flight and
landing...3MB video clip
require a good internet
Click on the control bars of the individual videos to play
videos and "Alt+ Enter" for full screen once playing