Welcome!...You have arrived at the home of
Bluswede DesignWerks
Currently (and always!) under construction
Email:  info@bluswede.com
Feel free to browse the above pages through the "construction" as the site will be
growing on a pretty much daily basis for some time to come.
This site will be mostly model plane oriented...but crafters may find uses for
some of the foam products.  Product requests and constructive suggestions
will always be welcomed.
Custom CNC Foamcutting is an area where I am blessed with more than my
fair share of skill, along with fine equipment.
One "silly" day I put a 5-blade 13 X 11 prop on my 2 1/2
pound CNC'd foam trainer.  One intrepid passer-by took to
doing inverted figure 8s when given the controller....
Thanks be to the "intrepid" Dan Kennison of the River Valley Flyers for the photograph
There's lots of life here at Bluswede Aero...Development is progressing on several
projects.  See the CNC Foamcutting page.
Pretty soon I'll have to start selling some of these things...they're are beginning to
clutter up the joint!
23 February, 2007:     B-24's almost ready, but still needs a couple "tweaks".  I'm not
getting "out" much!...but we did manage to make it to "the gym" over in Wisconsin
Rapids tonight.  As was expected, a slow-turning,1/70th-sized "desert pink" B-24
Liberator had a rough time with the confines...but clean laps were made!  Work on
reducing turn radius while maintaining its docile flight characteristics proceeds...
Til Jan 22, 2014, it had been a looong time since a
site update!!!
As of 1 March, 2008:  The Meterspan B-24 (1/3 down page) is well along it's Beta
test path.  I think that once this latest group flies, the design will be final and
production can start in earnest!
The smaller, half-meter, B-24 is having developmental problems.  The thing has a
beautiful glide...and climbs out well under power, but turning is a problem.  I think I
may be stretching the cheap Air Hogs electronics past their limits.  I will probably go
for a more advanced R/C setup and see if that helps things.  Gotta' do something!...it
just looks so neat in the air!  And the sound of those four little motors is just beyond
 Formerly "Bluswede AeroWerks", the site's emphasis will be
more toward crafts and some Print Shop supplies due to recent
changes in the life of Bluswede himself.
 Model planes are still an interest, and those parts of the site will
be left as is in an effort to share with those in that community.